In the Beginning God

Genesis Chapter 1


Where would you look if you wanted to find information on the following items…

1.       A recipe for cherry cheese cake?

2.       The molecular structure of Philadelphia cream cheese?

3.       A local supermarket that sells fresh cherries? 

4.       The history of cheesecake? 

Today most people would simply do a Google search and have the answer instantly.  However, not too long ago we actually had to go to the library, look in the card catalog, and find the book which contained the information we wanted to find.  I know it sounds a bit rudimentary, but that’s the way it used to be done.  We found recipes in a cook book, historical facts in a history book, molecular structures in a chemistry book, and market prices in the local newspaper.  Every book serves its own purpose.  The same is true of the Bible.  It is a book that was written for a specific purpose.  As you study the Bible it is easy to see that each book was also written for a specific reason.


What is the purpose for the book of Genesis?

·         Is it a science book?

·         Is it a history book?

·         Is it a book about God?

·         Other_________________________?

If we see Genesis as a science book, it would result in debates over the age of the earth, evolution, time and the secrets of the universe.  But it is not.  If it is seen only as a history book it would fall short of giving us very important facts about who, what, when, how and where.  To study Genesis as a history book or science book simply leaves us with too many unanswered questions.  The purpose for the book of Genesis is found in the first 4 words.  “In the beginning, God…”


1.       What do we learn about God from Genesis 1?

2.       List the things God found “good” among His creations.

3.       The word “created” (bará) is a verb used exclusively of God.  It describes God’s unique power to create something absolutely new out of nothing.  Mankind is very good at taking what God has created to form new recipes and developing products, but he has never had the ability to create something from nothing.  He alone is the Creator and we are the “created”.  With that in mind, what should our attitude toward God be?

4.       The 1st Chapter of Genesis reveals that God’s crowning achievement was mankind.  Read verses 27-31 and list the ways our relationship with God is unique.  How are we like God?  What special privileges and responsibilities did he give us?



Have your group complete the following sentences:

1.       Because God is our sovereign creator, my attitude towards Him should be _________________.

2.       Because I am created in God’s image I can be confident in the fact that ____________________.  (Read Psalm 139)

3.       Because God has entrusted me with certain responsibilities I must ________________________.


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