In John 14:15-23



Over the past few weeks we have been talking about love.  On Mother’s Day we learned that “actions speak louder than words.” That, even though we may be very eloquent, the true measure of our faith is seen in the way we love each other.  We learned how our words can be like living water.  But it only takes a little bit of negativity to poison a very good thing.  Finally we learned that love was meant to last forever.  It takes a lot of work.  In order to build one another up, we must learn to humble ourselves. 


1.       Has God pointed out areas where you could be more gracious and loving?

2.       What attempts have you made to become more loving towards others?

3.       What successes have you had?

4.       What is one area on which you still may want to work?


Study the Word:

The Scripture for this week’s MOSAIC is John 14:15-23. It changes our focus from loving one another to loving God.   Read the passage and answer the following questions.

1.       How many times does Jesus use the word love?

2.       What do you notice about his statements?

3.       Why do you think he repeats the same statement several times?


Now read the passage again.  Jesus gives several promises that come as a result loving God and following his commandments.

1.       ______________________________________________________________

2.       ______________________________________________________________

3.       ______________________________________________________________

4.       ______________________________________________________________

5.       ______________________________________________________________

6.       ______________________________________________________________

7.       ______________________________________________________________

8.       ______________________________________________________________

9.       ______________________________________________________________

10.   ______________________________________________________________


Jesus also declares that He will send the Holy Spirit.  How does Jesus describe the Holy Spirit?

1.       _____________________________

2.       _____________________________

3.       _____________________________



Let’s attempt to sort this passage out with a short summary.  Notice the cycle :

1.       If we love God we will keep His commandments.

2.       If we follow His commandments He has promised His Spirit will dwell in us.

3.       When the Spirit dwells in us, we will know God’s love.

4.       ……….and as we experience God’s love we will keep His commands.

This is a common pattern known as a covenant relationship.  God used this same exact pattern throughout the entire Old and New Testament with Adam, Abraham, Moses, Israel, David, Solomon and many others.



From the beginning, God has longed for us to have a loving obedient relationship with Him.  It is in this relationship that we find the very things we need and want.  It sounds like the perfect solution.  We love Him and follow Him, while He comforts, fulfills, and empowers us to follow and love Him. 

1.       In what ways do you need to begin following God?

2.       In what areas of your life do you need God’s help, strength, comfort and guidance?




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