Identifying, enlisting, training, commissioning, encouraging leaders. 



Step 1:
We believe in developing individuals into fully devoted and mature followers of Christ.  As a starting point, we encourage seekers to find a mentor or join a MOSAIC group that will guide through The Lessons For New Christians Series.


Step 2:
True disciples make disciples (Matthew 28:19-20). With this in mind, we encourage members to mentor a new believer or lead a Lessons For New Christians Series.  To complete this process, find a mentor or coach who will act as a guide through this journey.  Use the Helpful Hints for Mentors series as a resource.

Step 3:
Up to this point, a prospective leader will have been using structured, prescribed material.  Once the "Essentials for MOSAIC Leaders" course has been completed, the leader may register their group on the MOSAIC website. Other resources will be accepted in developing personalized MOSAIC group studies; however, leaders are expected to maintain and support MOSAIC's Core values and Doctrinal Beliefs.

Some MOSAIC leaders may feel called to pastor a Church of the Nazarene, to lead a Parent Affiliated Congregation or Church Type Mission. If you feel led in this direction, please visit Ministry Preparation.